Facebook Taps into Video Industry through New Watch Tab

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Social media giant, Facebook, has rolled out a new product, "Watch", which is a home for original video content produced exclusively for it by partners, who will earn 55 percent of ad break revenue while Facebook will keep 45 percent.

New creative demands mean content owners must get savvier with storytelling, Pyne said, and she's hopeful that Facebook Watch will provide a place for users to engage with more of Quartz' video content.

Apparently, the launching of the Watch is also expected to help boost Facebook's revenue.

Facebook recently introduced a platform called "Watch" that will allow users to discover new shows that their friends are also viewing.

Watch is being rolled out to a limited amount of people in the USA for now but more will have access to it soon.

Until the official release, Facebook has to attract as many TV shows partners as it can, just to make sure that people will have where to choose from. Recently, we've seen CNN invest $40 million in Great Big Story and Vice and Buzzfeed produce shows for TV, as part of this trend.

"We hope Watch will be home to a wide range of shows - from reality to comedy to live sports", CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post announcing the initiative.

Facebook's revamp of its video offering, unveiled earlier this week, could impact on the attitude of the music industry towards the social media giant as licensing talks continue.

All the while the Watchlist will be used to ensure users don't miss shows they like - with the latest episodes appearing in the Watchlist once a show has been "followed".

Facebook is straying further into YouTube territory. While there are already plenty of reasons to visit Facebook, original shows give people a reason to spend longer staring at their screens. At which point the social media giant is much more likely to be added to the same pariah list as YouTube, unless Facebook is willing to offer the rights owners some nice big advances and financial guarantees. The application will be usable on all platforms with which we usually connect to Facebook: computers, smartphones, iPad, smart TV and all mobile devices.

"When you say a YouTube video, that conjures a set of qualities that are very different from a Netflix show". Also, Facebook will open up the platform to a limited group of creators and will then roll it out to all soon after. In interviews., the company likes to point out the social aspect of its new video platform, saying "w$3 hat makes watching Facebook videos special is your friends". One producer noticed Facebook's algorithm began favoring videos over two minutes as opposed to shorter clips about five months ago.

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