Elon Musk's OpenAI Bot Just Crushed a Dota 2 Pro Gamer!

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"The rules of Dota are so complicated [that] if you just think really hard about how the game works and try to write those rules down, you're not even going to be able to reach the performance of a reasonable player".

The showdown took the form of an exhibition match staged on Friday at The International 2017, an annual esports tournament. Musk is hailing the achievement as the first time artificial intelligence has been able to beat pros in competitive e-sports. Existing since 2015, OpenAI is also a name in the list of companies formed by our space-loving entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

To train the bot, OpenAI engineers said they matched the bot with a copy of itself, then turned it onto professional players.

"He's too strong", Dendi said with a smile, referring to the bot. For example, they mentioned Sumail, who is the top 1v1 player in the world, and Arteezy, the top overall player in the world.

Players expressed surprise at the many human-like qualities the bot expressed, but Dendi did add that the bot felt a "little like something else" as well. OpenAI's bot, however, b no weaknesses in the few minutes the world watched it play at TI7.

"Our bot is trained entirely through self play".

According to its makers, the AI bots aren't any better than an average human Dota 2 player in terms of actions-per-minute, but it's the smart choices that the software makes that give it the edge - it can predict where other players will move and improvise new approaches when it gets into tight situations.

"We've coached it to learn just from playing against itself", said OpenAI researcher Jakub Pachoki while explaining the self-play method. The company says its "next step is to create a team of Dota 2 bots which can compete and collaborate with the top human teams" - meaning that if it applies the same impressive technology, next year's TI8 might have a full team of robotic challengers.

The tournament took place in the main stadium of the worldwide Dota 2 meetup with as much fanfare as you'd expect at a world championship boxing match.

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