Cop shot in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NYPD says

A screenshot of a live feed outside the building where the shooting occurred

A summer afternoon in Brooklyn was disrupted by gunfire when a man shot and injured an officer, sparking an hours-long standoff that ended when the man turned the gun on himself, police say. Police said it appeared to a rifle of some sort had been used to shoot the officer. Officers found a semiautomatic pistol, a revolver, and ammunition at his side.

Officer Hart Nguyen, whose life was saved by his bulletproof vest, was released from the hospital Friday to the sounds of applause and bagpipes - just one day after the potentially deadly incident.

"The right protective gear made all the difference", the mayor said. Officials say the man's mother called 911, telling police her son, identified as Andy Sookedo, was nonviolent and unarmed.

The officer, accompanied by his partner and medics, went inside the house, but when the mother said her son might try to run out the back door, the partner went outside to monitor the rear, O'Neill said.

He and different officers had been reacting to a report of a sincerely bothered individual when a man opened fire, police said.

That set off a tense stalemate as dozens of officers, including the wounded policeman's colleagues, descended on Ridgewood Avenue. NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill on Thursday said that while the injuries to Nguyen weren't life threatening his recovery was "going to take a while". "Thank God our officer is going to come through OK in this case.

He was even trying to make light of the situation", Mayor Bill de Blasio said as he spoke to reporters at the hospital Thursday night, USA Today reported. "Our officer is going to come through it, he's a courageous young man, he's going to come through it".

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