Chilling video shows how horrifyingly unsafe a police officer's job can be

Credit 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office

Prosecutors have released camera footage of a Lowcountry police officer being shot by a suspect. The officer was wearing glasses with an attached camera and recorded the event on video. Smith verbally confronted Orr, but Orr ignored requests to stop walking.

A year and a half later, Mr Smith recalled the terror of that moment.

Newly released video shows the moment a robbery suspect shot a SC police officer at point-blank range.

As he gets closer to Orr, Smith notices that he has his hand in his pocket as if he's carrying a weapon. "Stay with me, man", as he struggles to figure out how he can best help Smith, who goes to the ground outside his patrol vehicle.

His shooter, Malcolm Orr, 29, was found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a weapon and sentenced to 35 years on Wednesday following a two-day trial.

Orr looks back, and in one crackling motion, flashes a 9 millimeter pistol and fires multiple shots, one on top of the other, sending Smith tumbling to the ground. I'm not playing with you. Smith made it back to his patrol vehicle and radioed dispatch for help.

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna Tase you!"

The dramatic moment a SC police officer was shot was caught on camera and the video was released to the public on Thursday, after the suspect in the case was convicted two years later.

Dispatch informs all available units to respond to the area, as Smith tells them he's been hit in the neck.

A witness then comes to the officer's aid and assures him that help will arrive soon.

Blood can be seen on the patrol car's decal as Smith lies on his side and waits for help.

"I had nightmares sometimes, stuff like that, about the incident", Smith said.

His arm and neck injuries have healed, and he's almost finished with physical therapy. "But miraculously a bystander, Jon Tompkins, he was my angel", said Smith.

"Both our families are the ones really suffering the most".

WTOC sat down with the officer Friday afternoon and with the person he says is responsible for saving his life.

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