Bank of England says will not change animal-fat banknotes

Animal fat to stay in future banknotes, Bank of England concludes

Amid objections, the Bank of England has chose to continue using its new notes that contain traces of tallow made from animal fat.

The National Council of Hindu Temples (UK) on Friday expressed disappointment at the Bank of England's decision to go ahead with the use of polymer based on animal products in producing new currency notes despite complaints and a public consultation. Doug Maw, who started the petition, criticized the bank's decision to keep using the meat industry byproduct.

"This decision reflects multiple considerations including the concerns raised by the public, the availability of environmentally sustainable alternatives, positions of our Central Bank peers, value for money, as well as the widespread use of animal-derived additives in everyday products", the Bank said in a statement.

However, the Bank said today the future production of fivers, new £10 notes and new £20s, which are being launched in 2020, will carry on as it has.

Britain's new bank notes are harder to forge than their predecessors.

"By only having bank notes containing animal parts they are forcing vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others to handle products that directly conflict with their deeply held belief and practices", he said.

But now the Bank has said the only alternative to animal fat, a derivative of palm oil, carries with it "environmental risks" and has been ruled too expensive by the government. It cited concerns that suppliers could not commit to sourcing the highest quality palm oil, as well as additional costs - which could amount to £16.5 million over the next 10 years.

The Bank also found that tallow is present in lots of other common plastic items, which have all managed to avoid the focus the new notes were given.

In a public consultation of more than 3,500 people led by the bank, 88 percent of respondents said they opposed the use of animal fats in the manufacturing of bank notes.

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