Woman fatally attacked by hippo while on safari

Woman fatally attacked by hippo while on safari

A 75-year-old MI woman died in her son's arms after being attacked by a hippopotamus during an African safari last weekend.

Kirken had been posting photos of her African safari on Facebook, saying she saw so many handsome animals, including hippos and bull elephants. "Hippos have trampled or gored people who strayed too near, dragged them into lakes, tipped over their boats", according to Smithsonian magazine.

"Having [passed] 75 years old, she was resolutely shooting for 100", her obituary read.

According to National Geographic, Hippos are widely considered to be the most risky mammal in Africa.

Kirken's family was arranging for her body to be flown home and will be holding a memorial for her on August 20, according to local reports.

Kirken liked to travel, and she posted many pictures of the places she's been on her Facebook page. Hippos are considered herbivores, eating as much as 80 pounds of grass a day but their large teeth are used to defend themselves against other animals, including hippos. Apart from sporting a very unpredictable behavior, they are also known to be very territorial and aggressive.

- An African trip turned tragic for a Rochester Hills woman killed on safari by a hippo. She was well known in Rochester Hills for her charitable work at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center and the North Oakland YMCA and as a founding member of the Rochester Women's Fund.

"Just shock", Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett told WJBK, describing his reaction to the tragedy. "There are few individuals in the group that you think about that are supreme fortunes and Carol is one of those in our group".

Tributes flooded social media upon the news of her death. According to data compiled by Mother Nature Network, approximately 3,000 people each year succumb to hippo-related deaths. She inspires people with an enthusiasm that is exceptional.

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