Walmart says gun-display back-to-school promotion was prank

Walmart sorry for 'horrible' gun display

It's back-to-school shopping time for a majority of the country, which means people around the USA are streaming into places like Target and Meijer to scoop up their pens, pencils, notebooks, and Trapper Keepers. Since it is the firearm department, I suspect that they will have security cameras and will find out who put this sign up.

Just check out this sign placement and what resides underneath.

Walmart started its own investigation of the incident Wednesday, after a photo of the display spread across Twitter.

This is not the first time Walmart has run into trouble with marketing mishaps. Did a customer move a sign for a joke?

Someone affixed their "Own The School Like A Hero" over the firearm display case in the Evansville, Indiana Walmart.

May told the paper she alerted store employees, but they couldn't locate a store manager.

The retail giant immediately launched an investigation into the image, believed to have been taken at a branch in IN, and apologised to hundreds of angry customers via their official twitter account.

"We have already lost so many innocent lives to guns", she said.

The display at a Florida store, which was was designed and created by Coca-Cola and approved by Walmart, was shown under a banner "we will never forget", with other crates stacked up to resemble the American flag.

'People don't seem to honestly care, ' May noted.

Update 11:51am CT, Aug. 10: When reached for comment, Walmart directed the Daily Dot to its official statement on the matter.

'We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened, ' the spokesperson added.

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