Walmart: Back-to-school-themed gun display was a prank

Walmart apologizes for back to school gun marketing

But the Post later spoke with the woman behind the initial photograph, who confirmed to the publication that the picture was taken at the IN store.

The phrase "own the school year like a hero" is part of a separate back-to-school advertising to sell superhero clothing and has nothing to do with the sale of firearms.

"What's seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores", the company said in a statement.

He acknowledged only that the photo wasn't taken at a store in Evansville, Indiana, as had been originally suggested. Initially, the company apologized and said the sign was being taken down but then began to question whether it had been there at all.

"We have already lost so many innocent lives to guns", she said, adding that she made the immediate connection between guns and school shootings when she saw the display. "... People don't seem to honestly care".

People cried foul on Twitter and demanded an explanation from Walmart.

'We hear you, ' the official Walmart Twitter account wrote in response.

This isn't the first time Walmart's marketing strategy has left consumers outraged.

May told the paper she alerted store employees, but they couldn't locate a store manager. Photos of it spread like wildfire on social media. "We immediately removed the sign from the display as soon as we found out the store location".

Last September, a Walmart in Panama City Beach put up stacked boxes of Coca-Cola to resemble the World Trade Center in an apparent attempt to commemorate 9/11.

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