Venezuelan leader wants meeting with Trump

Venezuelan leader wants meeting with Trump

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro had requested a phone call with Trump, the White House said. "We have many options, including a possible military option if necessary". Venezela's powerful Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino on Friday disparaged USA threats as "craziness" and Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza said on Saturday Venezuela rejected "hostile" threats, calling on Latin America to unite against Washington.

"We have many options for Venezuela, this is our neighbor", Trump added.

Senators John Cornyn of Texas, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, and Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker of MS said in the letter, which was seen by Reuters, that unilaterally blocking oil exports could harm the USA economy and Venezuelan people.

Reuters reported later Friday that the Pentagon said the White House hadn't given it any orders on Venezuela.

Vladimir Padrino, Venezuela's defence minister, said on Friday night that Trump's threat was an "act of craziness" and "supreme extremism". If humanity will end.

Arreaza called Trump the "boss of the empire" and said his comments fit a pattern of aggression against Venezuelan sovereignty and violate global law and the United Nations charter. But a military intervention would be an extraordinary escalation.

The bank will not trade, nor accept as collateral, two specific types of Venezuelan securities as well as any bonds the country issued from June 1 going forward, according to a company spokeswoman who was not authorized to give her name.

The 545-member assembly, which has the rights to amend the constitution and reorganize the government, "aims to fix the malfunction" plaguing the country's governing system, according to Delcy Rodriguez, the recently elected president of the new legislative body.

Maduro says only continuing the socialist movement started by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, can bring peace and prosperity to Venezuela, which is suffering from an economic collapse and widespread hunger.

The opposition boycotted the vote for the assembly, which assured that it would be stacked with Maduro allies.

"I am proud of the alleged sanctions. because I do not wag my tail like a lying dog", Maduro said.

"This plan is unacceptable and the United States will be held at the side of the opposition (fighting) against the tyranny, until the Venezuela restores a thriving democracy and the pacific", launched on this occasion the Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin.

These follow last month's USA sanctions on Venezuela over the election of a loyalist legislative superbody that has the power to rewrite the constitution, which Washington called "illegitimate" and in service of a "dictator".

Here there is a Constituent People that has said that we want and we have a homeland and no one nor any empire will take that away from us.

U.S. Treasury sanctions now ban Maduro from entering the United States. "I think you know that answer to that", he said. Should they refuse to back a foreign military option, they could lose the support of small minority within the opposition that favor's it.

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