Vehicle slams into ground after seven storey tumble from parking garage

A screenshot of the video which shows the impact after a vehicle plunged off the side of a parking garage in July

She suffered serious injuries.

A woman is expected to recover after she mistakenly drove her vehicle off of the seventh floor of a parking structure in Austin, Texas last month.

Police said as the auto flung to the ground, it hit the building across the alleyway, rupturing a gas line.

In the clip, shot from a security camera in the alley below, we see a Chevy Tahoe completing a three-point turn and getting ready to park. The surveillance footage shows workers rushing to help the female driver. A barrier wire caught the SUV as it was falling and was left dangling precariously.

The driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe was turning around when he heard a noise and suddenly braked.

"I can just imagine what she was thinking when I had said, "a vehicle just landed on me, I gotta go", he said. In previous months, two drivers found themselves hanging on the side of the garage.

In September, a man drove through five high-tension wires used as barriers and off the ninth floor of the garage.

According to Fox 7, city code enforcement is working with the building's owners and engineers to bring the garage's cable system into compliance. However, the property owner will need to file an extension because they are redesigning the entire cable system. Temporary safeguards in the form of water filled barriers have been put into place where cable barriers remain.

Austin permitted and inspected such repairs to their satisfaction.

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