The Trump Administration's First Sex Scandal Has Now Produced a Child

A.J. Delgado baby

Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on North Korea's despot leader Kim Jong-Un after it emerged he had held a meeting with his advisors about the ramifications of a missile strike on the US. The two staffers ended up having an affair - and Delgado got pregnant. Delgado tweeted, revealing that the baby boy was born July 10.

Miller, who is married to another woman, confirmed the birth of his and Delgado's child to Page Six on Wednesday. She then announced that she'd be talking with McKay Coppins, staff writer at The Atlantic. Check out the tweet below.

She followed up, writing: "Wasn't my choice to discuss this but since Jason went to Page Six, I guess I now have to share..." A source told the outlet that the former lovers only communicate through lawyers at this time. "Delgado says that Miller, who served as chief spokesman for Trump's transition team and is now a CNN contributor, dated her for two months during the campaign".

Delgado did not respond to messages on social media.

She finished up Wednesday by saying she wouldn't have gone public with any of her animosity toward Miller if he had not given his statement to Page Six.

For her part, in the last 12 hours A.J. has gone on a Twitter tirade railing on Miller, saying, "I'm not sure what Jason means that he and his wife are excited to welcome Will. Really? News to me". Let me shut up before I say more...'

Delgado and Miller carried on a love affair for an unknown amount of time.

But Miller, a 31-year-old California native who has risen to become one of the Trump administration's most influential figures, told Farage that the President was facing the threat head-on.

In another tweet, Delgado clarified, "I dated someone who was separated (or at least said he was)". "Try again!" She tweeted after suffering backlash from online haters.

Miller's wife gave birth to their second child in January - but Miller was starting another family.

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