Suspected WWII-era bomb dug up near Fukushima nuclear plant

Fukushima nuclear site

OKUMA, Fukushima Prefecture-A World War II-era bomb was found buried in a parking lot of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant on August 10.

TEPCO said that a 200-meter area around the site was closed off.

On March 11, 2011 a major natural disaster triggered a tsunami which struck the six-reactor plant, causing serious damage.

Discovery of bombs dropped by the USA during the World War 2 is a common affair in this area even after 70 years of the war. Police have asked the Japan Self-Defence Forces for advice on whether the suspected bomb, which is 83cm long and 15cm wide, might explode.

According to Newsweek, a little over 900 unexploded munitions were found in Japan in 2010.

AFP reports that a Japanese military airport was in the area close to the Fukushima plant during World War II, and was targeted by United States bombers. Most of the people who left lived in Fukushima prefecture, where high radiation now makes habitation impossible.

No-one died directly in the meltdown but three former Tepco executives are facing trial on charges of negligence because of deaths related to the area's evacuation.

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