Seth Meyers Reunites With Leslie Jones To Watch 'Game Of Thrones'

Seth Meyers Reunites With Leslie Jones To Watch 'Game Of Thrones'

Unfortunately, Jones was too sick this past weekend to live-tweet the show.

If Varys makes it to season 8, we hope they return to watch another episode together.

"Bronn is the gangsta, yo", she said.

"Bronn is the dude in the 'hood that knows where all the $1 cigarettes is".

Leslie Jones is a hilarious person, whether on SNL, in movies or on Twitter. She's even figured out where she'd want her castle-Compton-and what she'd call it-Compton Castle.

"Ok I seriously met everyone I watch in television it's f****** cray", Jones tweeted.

"ARYAAAAA. Arya is a warrior". "They all together homie".

She begins to lay into Varys (Conleth Hill) and his fair weather friendships onscreen, when in walks Lord Varys in the flesh. "Now y'all know how much I love GOT!". Littlefinger can't get no hamburger buns? Jones was in the process of talking trash about Varys when Hill showed up, causing Jones to scream and hug him.

Meyers asks her about her opinion on Varys, whom Jones compares to "the girlfriend you don't really know is your homegirl or not".

The trio continued to argue over plot lines, comment on the characters, and crack jokes for the remainder of the episode, until the final moment when Daenerys and her dragons attacked the Lannisters, leaving Jones in hysterics. And just because she's watching an episode of Game of Thrones with one of the actors doesn't mean she'll hold back.

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