Performer arrested for dabbing in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian dab singer

In the conservative country of Saudi Arabia dabbing is banned due to its reference to narcotics and marijuana.

While it's too early to predict if the hip hop dance is 2017's "raised fist", a popular TV personality in Saudi Arabia has been detained by the authorities for dabbing.

Saudi Arabian singer Abdallah Al Shaharini was arrested Tuesday for performing the illegal "dab" dance move at a music festival performance over the weekend.

It has been performed around the world by the likes of Prince Harry and Tom Watson as well as a host of sporting stars including Manchester United ace Paul Pogba and National Football League quarterback Cam Newton.

The host and actor, Abdallah Al Shahani, was videoed performing the dance move, where a person drops his head into the inside crook of their elbow, while the other hand is extended out straight.

Al Shanani was reportedly arrested by authorities after footage of his dab was circulated online. There's even a poster released by the National Commission for Combating Drugs to warn the public about the "dangers of this move" and how it should not be imitated. Wow.

The origins of the dance are unclear.

Other Saudi stars have also been recorded pulling the shape without having been arrested. Please accept my apology.' Some users didn't take the "dabbing" lightly at all and thought his behaviour was "provocative" and "unacceptable".

Saudi journalist Ayed Al Ayed, watched the video and noticed audible screaming on the part of young women in the audience. Whoever breaks the law gets arrested.

However, it isn't the first time a celebrity has dabbed in Saudi Arabia though. "Thank you to the security forces".

"We will be with you in all of your sadness and joy", one Twitter user wrote. Those that were defending the artist said it was a "spontaneous" move and "he wasn't aware of the meaning".

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