Nintendo Sued Over Switch Joy-Con Design

Nintendo Switch lawsuit

Claim 1 of the patent is allegedly infringed because the Nintendo product includes two control modules that provide an input device, among other aspects.

As part of the lawsuit (first spotted by Engadget), Gamevice is asking the court to stop Nintendo "making, using, selling, and offering for sale the Nintendo Switch".

Wednesday's suit claims the Nintendo Switch and its controllers employ some of the same claimed features as the Gamevice, a device the plaintiff released in 2015 that allows traditional-style video game controls to be attached to a smartphone.

This week, video game accessory maker Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo alleging that the Japanese company infringed on its patents with the design of the detachable Joy-Con controllers on the Switch.

In October a year ago, Nintendo announced a new home gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.

In the lawsuit, not only does Gamevice ask for damages from Nintendo but the company also asks for a ban to be put on console sales for the Switch.

Video games maker Nintendo and its subsidiary Nintendo of America have been taken to court in the USA over alleged patent infringement.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to request for comment. For a time it seemed that even Nintendo was surprised by its success, with some shops lacking Switch for days or weeks.

The device above is a Wikipad with an iPad which is similar to Switch's dedicated screen for gameplay. With that being said, Nintendo has been working on controller ideas since at least 2012 when they were designing the concept for the Wii U. You can check this out below. They slide onto both sides of the Switch so that players can use the device in handheld mode when on the go, and also detach to use while laid back on the couch with the Switch docked and in TV mode.

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