NBA Live 18 Demo Free Now for Xbox One & PS4 Subscribers

NBA Live 18 preview

EA is hardly ignorant to this, of course, and in an effort to convince gamers that this year's entry will be different to those that came before it, the publisher is releasing a free demo to all Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers tomorrow.

When it comes to video game basketball, the 2K Sports series is king.

After every match, I got to see the game's RPG mechanics at play.

NBA Live 18 preview

NBA Live 18 launches on September 15th and console owners everywhere will all ask themselves if they should buy it or wait for NBA 2K18.

The game will be released on September 19, though customers who pre-order will have access to the game on September 15. Players will choose between "the streets" or "the league" in this mode. Stretch Big allows one to be better at shooting baskets and at Defensive rebounding, and The Rim Protector is best at defense and protecting the basket. It has three major single player experiences, all for $39.99. These conversations have multiple options, which can result in characters that will treat you differently and get you XP, Hype, or Reward Points (RP). In addition to the new career mode, the WNBA makes its debut in the game. But we haven't heard a peep from NBA Live 18 in a little while, and we were left wondering just how EA Sports' hoopfest was shaping up. Each player also has "traits", which function more like loadouts.

The demo will include "The Rise", which is the prologue for the game's story campaign, and specially timed Raid style events, to keep players returning to it.

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