Multiplayer Arrives In Free Update For No Man's Sky


Discover and scavenge lost cargo from big crashed Freighters on planetary surfaces.

Yeah, we want that ship.

Hello Games just dropped the latest patch for No Man's Sky and it's a huge one. (PC players have had the option since launch.) That last bit truly was an irritating full year coming.

It's not exactly what most people imagine when they picture multiplayer, but players are pretty excited nonetheless.

According to Hello Games, the Atlas Rises story involves the mystery of "the fabric of existence" faltering.

New maintenance interactions have been introduced for all harvesting equipment, bringing more depth to farming, mining, and harvesting. Here's how the ancient portals work. Players will get to "discover the truth behind the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek, and the meaning of sixteen" as well as encounter a mysterious new inter-dimensional race. Even if the new systems I've experienced aren't as deep or rewarding as I'd hoped, there's so much more to do that I find myself itching to start a new file so I can experience it fresh with all the new bells and whistles added in.

Earlier this week, we heard that No Man's Sky would be getting a big free expansion this week called "Atlas Rises". In this case, the changes are centered around planets and their biomes, with new "exotic planet types" popping up as you approach the galactic core. You can also use them to revisit previous planets, other bases or just randomly skip to a new world. This tool lets you transform the landscape by subtracting and adding, deciding the shape, size, material, and more. Only weeks after it was released, the highly anticipated space exploration game was offering refunds to disappointed players and for a while its most notable feature was a phallic plant growth. They appear as floating glowing orbs with different colors depending on your position.

To be precise, up to 16 players can see and communicate with each other as floating sparkly orbs (it's nearly reminiscent of what happens when you die in World of Warcraft). The game now supports as many as 16 players in this setup. Hello Games says that this is an important first step, so expect added functionality in the future. Does it make No Man's Sky worth another try? Atlas Rises will also add in "joint exploration", which sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is.

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