Microsoft's Xbox One Insider Program Now Open To Everyone

Xbox Insider Program now open to all rings get new names

Microsoft has been making a lot of changes to its policies regarding Xbox One and for the most part, these changes have actually paid off.

But Microsoft will change this in the new software update.

Priced at £449, the console is being touted as the most powerful ever, and will support true 4K gaming. A couple of days ago we wrote about a big UI change for Xbox One that is coming this fall but according to Windows Central there are more changes coming.

Building your game utilizing UWP and Xbox Live SDK, and for that, you can use the tools you're already using - Visual Studio, game engines like Unity, Construct 2, MonoGame and Xenko - and combine them with a retail Xbox One console and your Dev Center account. Although its sales for 2017 are below those of the Nintendo Switch, which has been literally flying off the shelves after each restock, the Xbox One has been around for longer and its fan base is much more seasoned.

Anyone can join the Omega group, which will be used to test minor changes made to the previously released monthly updates.

In closing, we simply want to say thank you to our Xbox Insiders for working closely with Team Xbox to build and improve not only the gaming experience on Xbox One but also multiple games and apps across PC and console. The Xbox 360's Indie Games program allowed for smaller games to be published cheaply with the help of peer review (and even had a few gems like Death Goat and One Finger Death Punch) but didn't carry over to the next-gen Xbox One.

The executive said that since its release, the Xbox Achievements system has rewarded gamers by boosting Gamerscore, however, this method may not be up to date, especially with the e-sports affirmation.

Looking to get into the early preview game with your Xbox One's features? What would you like to see changed? Then get started on your Xbox Live integration by checking out the Creators Program page and the Xbox Live Creators Program step by step guide. Not yet an Xbox Insider and interested in joining the program?

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