London Mayor and TfL plan to bring mobile coverage to the Tube

Reuters  Suzanne Plunkett

According to the Standard's report, tenders for the contract to deliver mobile coverage "are going out shortly", and it's widely-expected that EE, which has already been in discussions with Transport for London (TfL) as part of the Emergency Services Network contract, will be onboard, along with equipment makers Huawei and Airvana.

Okay, not that soon. The idea behind such a plan is to ensure that those who live within London's inner zones, along with the businesses based there, can gain access to reliable and speedy broadband regardless of where they're located. Which means you'll literally never have to unstick your eyes from your screen or talk to another human being ever again.

One of Khan's key measures is the appointment of a troubleshooting "not-spot" team, whose objective is to go out into problematic connectivity spots to work with local authorities and providers to identify and deliver solutions to improve connectivity.

"London is now a leading global tech hub, with thriving start-ups alongside major companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google", Khan said.

The new Elizabeth Line, set to launch in December 2018, will have mobile connectivity from the get-go.

Councils will also be invited to a summit at City Hall to assist them in applying for money from the government's Digital Infrastructure Fund.

Discussing the issue in a letter sent to 33 London councils, Khan took the opportunity to invite the local authorities to prepare bids for a Challenge Fund created to boost fibre connectivity across the capital.

David Leam, infrastructure director at campaign group London First, said: "Business needs fast and reliable connections across our capital - in the office, for people working from home and when they're on the move".

"We should be making the most of existing infrastructure, including the London Underground network, to boost speeds and deliver coverage to areas that have been left behind".

However, he insisted that planners in London must get behind this effort, or the city's digital ambitions will be at risk of being "strangled by red tape".

Virgin Media now provides Wi-Fi to 250 stations on the London Underground.

This can often be problematic and time-consuming in agreeing terms.

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