Leslie Jones gets 'Game of Thrones' surprise

Leslie Jones gets 'Game of Thrones' surprise

Jones sat down with Late Night host and SNL alum Seth Meyers for a live version of live-tweeting the latest (absolutely fucking bonkers) Thrones installation.

Neither of them had seen the episode, so they settled in with plenty of snacks and witty commentary.

Jones already does some great live-tweeting during each episode, which I consider required reading for just about any Game of Thrones viewer, but there is so much more she could be bringing to fans.

While the show continued, Jones offered her descriptions and opinions for each character.

"Bronn is the gangsta, yo", she said.

Commenting on the characters, Jones notes in one observation, "Bronn is the dude in the 'hood that knows where all the $1 cigarettes is". Basically, when it comes to GoT, freaking out is usually the correct response - and that's why it's the flawless show for Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones. She's even figured out where she'd want her castle-Compton-and what she'd call it-Compton Castle.

After the surprise, both actors got to watch season 7 episode four, titled "The Spoils of War", for the first time together and it made for great television. "I couldn't have my eyes closed in passion". "You know shit that you're not telling everybody". Jones went on a rant about Varys being a selfish and two-faced girl who you can't trust.

Just then, Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, stepped into the room and Leslie freaked out hugging him and arguing with him over plot points.

Jones reacts to the action on her beloved "Game of Thrones".

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