Kerala CM Vijayan writes to PM to ban online Blue Whale game

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The in-charge, Nilkanth Rathod, told mid-day, "I received a call from Solapur control that a 14-year-old boy playing the Blue Whale game was headed in my direction..."

He had taken a bus to Pune from Solapur to complete the challenge.

The boy was going to his class after the morning prayer assembly when he climbed the railing of a third-floor balcony in Chamali Devi Public School at Rajendra Nagar, Indore, and tried to jump off but his friends pulled him back, Additional Superintendent of Police Rupesh Kumar Dwivedi said, reports Indian Express.

On the other hand, the child admitted that it was his 50th dare - the Blue Whale game lasts 50 days, with one dare for each day - and that he was "asked to kill himself for failing the last challenge". "Early investigations suggest that the boy has been tense, thinking about committing suicide which is the final task of the game".

According to him, the Class 9 student was addicted to the game, where a player is given different tasks by his handlers. It requires a person to watch horror movies alone, carve a whale figure on the body, waking up at odd hours and finally commit suicide. "He was on his way to complete a task in the challenge", said a police officer, noting that the boy appeared "lost" and was silent when he was found.

Under this deadly game, which originated in Russian Federation, an anonymous administrator instructs participants to complete 50 daring tasks over a period of 50 days and upload the video of the same.

According to people in the know, both played Blue Whale Challenge, the lethal online game which provokes players to do daring, self-destructive tasks for 50 days before taking the "winning" step of killing themselves.

"The Blue Whale game is a challenge to the whole society and comprehensive action against this from all responsible agencies is of utmost importance", he said in the letter.

The players have to film each step/task and share the proof with gaming instructors, but are not supposed to tell anyone outside.

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