Judge in Penn State hazing case orders trainer Tim Bream to court

The Latest More video played in Penn St. pledge death case

Magisterial District Judge Allen Sinclair has set an August 30 date for a contempt of court hearing for Penn State's head football trainer, Tim Bream.

The preliminary hearings surrounding the death of Penn State student, Timothy Piazza, continued today.

Defense lawyers asked Sinclair to enforce a subpoena against Bream, saying they have not been able to serve it on him directly despite efforts to find him or reach him through his attorney, university lawyers or the building where he works.

Johnson said he came into contact with Bream, who identified himself on the phone but didn't show up to receive the subpoena.

Eighteen members of the now shuttered Beta Theta Pi fraternity have been charged.

Of the 18 individuals charged, two waived their right to appear at the preliminary hearings, which began in June and are continuing Thursday and Friday.

Prosecutors, led by Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, said that the brothers waited 12 hours to call for medical help after Piazza first fell down a flight of steps, and then attempted to cover up their role in his death by deleting their online exchanges and clearing evidence of alcohol consumption at the fraternity house. Ten face misdemeanors like hazing, furnishing alcohol to minors, or reckless endangerment.

Bream said in a brief email to The Associated Press that he won't comment or be interviewed, following his attorney's advice.

Parks Miller said that there could be additional charges following the investigation into the deleted footage.

Evan Kelly, representing defendant Craig Heimer, said his client expected Bream to be supervising the night's activities and had approved The Gauntlet.

Scicchitano testified that it was discovered by police about a week and a half ago that footage had been deleted.

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