Hospital's partially evacuated over odor, 19 workers treated

More than a dozen staff members and patients were evacuated from Exeter Hospital at around 9am after starting to vomit feel nauseous and dizzy

Emergency personnel from around the Seacoast responded to Exeter Hospital Friday, where complaints of nausea and dizziness resulted in a partial evacuation.

Some 17 staff members in Exeter Hospital's inpatient operating rooms were treated after falling ill during an incident Friday morning that forced the hospital to close parts of the building. Patients were seen on stretchers outside the hospital.

The ordeal began around 9 a.m. with workers in the operating room feeling very sick.

Assistant Fire Chief Eric Wilking said officials sampled air, filtration and everything in the operating room and emergency department, and found "nothing that would have caused this".

Six patients were removed from the emergency room as a precaution, the spokesperson added.

Numerous victims were treated at the scene and sent home.

A hospital spokesman said: 'No source has been determined at this point.

Ambulances were called to Exeter Hospital and patients were evacuated.

The fire department in neighboring Kingston said it sent two ambulances to the scene.

Exeter Police are recommending that residents seek alternate emergency facilities for treatment.

All hospital staff had been released from care by Saturday morning, she said.

Crews are going through the operating room and emergency department one more time to check for any irritants.

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