Hearing in Penn State pledge's death begins 5th day

Hearing in Penn State pledge's death begins 5th day

Magisterial District Judge Allen Sinclair has set an August 30 date for a contempt of court hearing for Penn State's head football trainer, Tim Bream. Others face lesser charges, including evidence tampering, hazing, reckless endangerment and alcohol offenses.

"Bream was in the middle of everything Bream was the one who was being paid by the fraternity to essentially be in charge of everything in that house", said Tom Kline.

Ambrose said he was recently granted a subpoena to have Bream testify, pennlive reported, but no date has been set.

Muir cited her concern that Scicchitano, as a witness, was consulting with District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, who could be coaching the detective in his testimony.

Sinclair is considering whether the case should go to trial. The consent of Bream, 56, would undermine the element of recklessness involved in some of the allegations, Ambrose said.

Evan Kelly, representing defendant Craig Heimer, said his client expected Bream to be supervising the night's activities and had approved The Gauntlet.

Lawyers for the accused also pointed to evidence of text messages between some of the fraternity brothers which suggested that Bream had directed them to the delete GroupMe messages about the events of the night to prevent anyone from leaking screenshots to the media.

Scicchitano, earlier on Thursday, testified that video captured by a basement camera at a Penn State fraternity was deleted two days after Piazza died. He eventually died of a traumatic brain injury caused by falling down 14 steps leading to the basement and subsequent other falls through the night.

Parks Miller shot down that claim, stating that the investigation into the deleted footage is a new investigation and would result in new charges.

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