Google celebrates 44th birth anniversary of hip-hop with a interactive doodle

Google celebrates 44th birth anniversary of hip-hop with a interactive doodle

1520 Sedgwick the Bronx is generally referred to as the birthplace of hip-hop.

You can scroll through these records on the right-hand side of the record box and select a track by clicking the record. According to the search giant, DJ Kool Herc has been credited with introducing the world to hip hop music. (Kurtis Blow made an entire song about it.) While the crowd got down on the dance floor, his friend Coke La Rock took to the nearest microphone and started rhyming over the music. After watching an introductory video from hip-hop legend Fab 5 Freddy, visitors are free to mix and match break beats from Prince Paul, The Isley Brothers, George Clinton, and more.

Meanwhile, the artistic work in today's Google Doodle is the work of a graffiti artist named Cey Adams.

It was 44 years ago today in the Bronx that a DJ named Kool Herc is credited with inventing one of the most important elements of hip-hop at an August 11, 1973, back to school party in the Bronx: the break. It turns out Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" came six years after Hip Hop music was first introduced.

Towards the end of the interview, Fab gives his sage view on the evolution of hip-hop: "I don't like to think of old school vs. new school, I'm a "now school" person". This brought about the introduction of an MC, who rhymed over the music. While almost 20 years old now, George's book raises numerous issues hip-hop still struggles with today, like appropriation by corporate America and misogyny. I'd graduated from college and was working at a bank in Los Angeles. It turned out to be a winning strategy.

But just who was responsible for the creation of rap? But with acts selling out shows around the globe night after night, it was obvious that something bigger was brewing...

It was here that he created hip hop. The progression of this culture and sound is something few people at that first party could have anticipated. "And it WON'T stop!"

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