Ex-Trump staffers reveal love child after campaign trail sex scandal

Rafael Marchante  Reuters
Nigel Farage asked Miller whether Trump had made the world a safer place

The President's former transition adviser A.J.

Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on North Korea's despot leader Kim Jong-Un after it emerged he had held a meeting with his advisors about the ramifications of a missile strike on the US. Still, the two former Trump surrogates embroiled in the alleged affair are feuding, and the birth of a child is marred by deception from various angles, as multiple sources report.

White House aide Stephen Miller is in hot water after proclaiming that President Donald Trump is the best politician of our era. Days after accepting the position, Miller abruptly turned down the post.

Before the "Cluster Trump" or "Trumpster Fire" there was USA president Donald Trump's "reality television transition".

‌Despite telling Delgado that he and his wife were separated, the New York Times reported that Miller and his wife were expecting their second child in 2017. However, his mistress was already pregnant and carrying his baby.

Miller is the daughter of Cuban immigrants and a graduate of Harvard Law School. She was hired to the Trump campaign as a surrogate in September of a year ago. The child was conceived thereafter. In an apparent effort to try and clear up affair and cheating allegations, Delgado claims that Miller told her that he was separated from his wife.

She followed up, writing: "Wasn't my choice to discuss this but since Jason went to Page Six, I guess I now have to share..."

Delgado re-emerged, tweeting that she had given birth to a "beautiful son" named William on July 10.

Miller-who is married to a woman who is not Delgado-confirmed the birth of his child on Wednesday.

Page Six published a statement appearing to confirm the same.

"My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well-wishes we've received from so many", he said.

(President Trump Warning To North Korea) North Korea best not make any more threats to the United states.

Delgado could not be reached by phone Wednesday, and didn't respond to messages on social media.

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