Chelsea Manning Poses In Swimsuit For US Vogue

Chelsea Manning Poses In Swimsuit For US Vogue

"Guess this is what freedom looks like", Manning wrote on Twitter alongside the image, lensed by the same woman who photographed the issue's It-girl cover star, Jennifer Lawrence.

The photo was taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Manning was released from prison on Wednesday after serving 7 years of a 35-year prison sentence at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for violating the Espionage Act.

Chelsea Manning wears a red swimsuit in this new feature for Vogue's September 125th Anniversary Collector's Edition issue.

Manning posted the photo on social media.

She came out as transgender just a day after sentencing. She was released back in May following seven years in prison, after former President Barack Obama commuted her sentence. "Now she's focusing on herself", says the headline of the fashion magazine's long-form interview with Manning, who has become an icon for transgender activists. While teachers were trying to push her into competitive games with other boys, she said she preferred playing house. I spent so much time wondering, 'What's wrong with me? "Why can't I fit in?"

She also says she accepts responsibility for her actions.

"Everyone keeps saying, 'You should have gone through the proper channels!"

Her lawyer, Chase Strangio, filed a lawsuit on her behalf and won, making Chelsea, "the first military prisoner to receive health care related to gender transition and was part of a shift in practice that lead to the elimination of the ban on open trans service in the military", he said. Today, she says she's learned, "it is OK to be who I am".

Manning was just 22 when she shared the United States diplomatic correspondence, which included evidence of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, profiles of detainees at Guantanamo prison camp, and low-level battlefield reports. "But the proper channels don't work".

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