Bollywood Dazzles At The Toilet: Ek Prem Katha's Screening

EntertainmentOur film received only three cuts from CBFC says Akshay Kumar

The much talked about movie of Akshay Kumar and Bhumi-Pednekar, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha has finally released today on August 11. A lot of them tweeted about the film as well.

Well, Akshay Kumar's films have a huge impact on the audience, which eventually reflects the Box Office business. Here is the Toilet: Ek Prem Katha review, rating, story line. The satirical comedy film is also said to be a part of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative. He desperately stands out, fighting the conventional norms of the villagers alone and tries to win his love back over by establishing "Sulabh Shouchalaya" in his village.

Mubarakan actor Arjun Kapoor, who posted a hilarious video on Twitter about Toilet: Ek Prem Katha before the film released, tweeted again today and urged the fans and followers to watch Akshay's film. Keshav (Akshay Kumar) decides to install a washroom in his home after his wife Jaya (played by Bhumi Pednekar) leaves him because she was unable to convince her in-laws to construct a washroom at home.

As the title suggests, the film is the love story of Keshav (Kumar) and Jaya (Bhumi) where the former is a Manglik boy and gets married to the latter who is a school topper after being married to a buffalo which is believed to get Keshav's stars in place. And he can't build one because of the prevalent religious beliefs.

Equally heart-warming is the chemistry between Keshav and Jaya and it is a treat to watch the madly in love couple struggle to get together despite all odds. The film highlights basic sanitation problems in our country. He is hilarious in the first half, has a bunch of some good dialogues while stalking Bhoomi's character Jaya and trying to impress her.

Acting and direction are good. You don't necessarily have to be from a small town or village to empathise with her. Bhumi also holds her ground in several big scenes with Akshay. The presence of veterans, Pandey and Kher, is unmissable. Airlift, which was not really a high budget film and based on a true story from events in Kuwait 25 years ago, had earned a total of Rs 127.8 crore. The tax exemption might help the film in bringing a good amount of money however with the looks of the first day and word-of-mouth of the movie, it is likely going to fail to match the expectations in the long run.

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