You can try out NBA LIVE 18 for free starting tomorrow

You can try out NBA LIVE 18 for free starting tomorrow

Fans will have to wait until this winter to see how Harden and Rockets acquisition Chris Paul will co-exist on the real court, but gamers can start to work that combination a few months early with the NBA Live 18 versions of Paul and the cover athlete, Harden.

The development was confirmed by Smith himself in a tweet he posted.

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The two have been heavily discussed the past few months for not being shy in voicing out their opinions on different controversial topics surrounding the National Basketball Association and its players.

The demo will have multiple layers to it, with its main feature being a prologue section of the game's story mode called The Rise. On Thursday, EA Sports revealed Harden would grace the cover of its new game, which is scheduled to be released in September.

The character customization options were serviceable for a sports game, allowing me to choose my height, weight, facial look/structure, and birthplace.

The game will be released on September 19, though customers who pre-order will have access to the game on September 15. Note that your progression and all the rewards you get on the demo will be retained if you decide to purchase the game too, which is a rather smart for a demo.

They won't have to wait too long after that to see how the final game fares, as EA Sports has also confirmed that the game will be releasing on September 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a little earlier than when National Basketball Association 2K18 is set to arrive (September 19). The shooting meter is particularly effective, and I always knew if I was taking good shots & why it missed if it did.

If you just want to size up NBA LIVE 18's moment-to-moment ball skills, the demo also includes a standard exhibition match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA Live 18 demo is free to download for all Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers today.

James Harden, the owner of arguably the finest beard in sport, is NBA Live 18's cover star.

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