Walmart apologizes for 'back-to-school' gun display

Firearm display

Walmart moved quickly to condemn the "truly awful" and "horrible" display. "We are very sorry", the retailer's main Twitter account said to an angry user.

The Walmart store behind the display is in Indiana.

There is confusion about the location of the store.

We reached out to Walmart to clarify what had happened, but have not yet received a response.

She tells the Post that she was "disgusted" by the display and notified employees. It was not clear whether the sign was placed there by an employee or a shopper.

Reaction online has, in general, not been positive, with many drawing the line between the display and school shootings.

Walmart apologizes for 'back-to-school' gun display

"The angles seem wrong", another user said, "but maybe the person who propped the sign there was in a hurry".

Walmart just encountered a real doozy, and Piers Morgan is having a pretty overhyped meltdown about it.

The display is one of several Walmart marketing mishaps in recent years. "Which store location was this?" Charles Crowson, a spokesperson for the chain, informed The Washington Post that the company was diligently working to identify the particular store with the display, dubbed "patient zero". Thanks again for alerting us to this'.

The retailer also drew fire a year ago before September 11 when a store in Panama City Beach, Florida used Coca-Cola products to build two towers signifying the World Trade Center.

An apparent miscommunication resulted in a mixup with a sign in a Walmart store.

In 2014, Walmart made a public apology after selling a "fat girl" Halloween costume on its website. The company has apologized for the incident.

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