Valve Announces DOTA 2 Trading Card Game

Valve are making a Dota 2 digital card game called Artifact

The game is Artifact: The Dota Card Game and it is, as you might imagine, a collectible card game spin-off from the hugely-popular Dota. Some Valve fans could not help but wonder if it was really necessary to release another fantasy-based free digital game. The YouTube trailer's like to dislike ratio is also heavily negative and as you can imagine, the comments aren't particularly favourable either.

The International, DOTA 2 Championships taking place at Seattle Centers has begun on the 7 of August and will end on the 12. Maybe. But it's clear Valve's gonna have to try pretty hard to win people over. And be sure to keep Valve Time in mind. Maybe Artifact will even cross over into Dota 2 itself.

Um. not so sound like a broken record, but, again, we don't know much. Although fans of DOTA have been dreaming up a DOTA-themed card game similar to Blizzard's Hearthstone for years, the crowd wasn't shy about voicing its underwhelmed reaction to the brief snippet.

Developer Steve Jaros said on Twitter that there will be "Lore bombs galore", indicating that Dota's story or world-building would have some role to play in Artifact.

Muir previously led development on solid tactical RPG Massive Chalice and entertaining mech-powered tower defence title Iron Brigade.

Our bet is that most people aren't going to find a good enough reason why. "And I gotta say, it's a really cool experience because you really feel like the commander who's allocating the various resources among this entire huge battlefield, moving from lane to lane". As such, the disappointment that came with the shock of a card game seems to be somewhat reasonable.

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