US Marine Corps order 24-hour 'reset' of aircrafts

US Marine Corps order 24-hour 'reset' of aircrafts

USMC General Robert B. Neller directed all USMC aviation units to hold a 24-hour operational reset, in which no flight operations are to occur.

"After taking these actions and making an initial examination of the facts and circumstances leading up to the mishap, the [Marine Expeditionary Unit] determined that the Osprey is safe to fly and resumed operations", Nicholson said.

The U.S. Marine Corps is pausing flight operations after an aircraft crash in Austria last weekend in which three U.S. Marines went missing.

The order comes after two recent crashes of Marine Corps aircraft. Three Marines died in the crash.

Neller ordered that units observe the 24-hour period at the discretion of commanders over the course of the next two weeks, dictating that no operational commitments be impacted on account of the pause. Flying squadrons will review selected incidents and study historical examples of completed investigations "in order to bring awareness and best practices to the fleet". The MV-22 crashed while on final approach to USS Green Bay, a Navy amphibious ship off the east coast of Australia.

Four Ospreys from the US military base in Japan's Okinawa took off shortly after its defense ministry lifted the ban imposed after one of the US Marine Corps planes crashed off Australia, Sputnik reported Friday.

The cause of both crashes is still being investigated.

"Pauses in operations are not uncommon and are viewed as a responsible step to refresh and review best practices and procedures so our units remain capable, safe, and ready", officials with Marine Corps Headquarters said in a statement.

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