Teen Charged with Attempted Murder- Leaves her Baby in Plastic Bag

Elmira Police Department

The baby was taken to hospital and is now in a stable condition. Her head was in the bag.

Authorities say a 17-year-old Pennsylvania young lady has been accused of endeavored kill after an infant was discovered alive in a plastic pack outside an upstate NY home.

It was Kayla and Karen Seals, sisters living in the neighborhood, that found the baby in a bush in the backyard of a home, where, according to the Star-Gazette of Elmira, the teenager abandoned her over the weekend. He noted that Hoyt had no previous criminal record and that her public defender has made no comment since her arrest.

Pictured Sayre, Pennsylvania teen mother, Harriette Hoyt who abandoned her baby daughter in a plastic bag outside of home in Elmira, upstate NY.

The neighbours who found the little girl said they first believe it was an animal in distress.

The dehydrated infant was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. Police said the baby likely had been in the trash bag for 12 hours before Seals and her sister found her.

The BBC report on the incident, which was sparked when two sisters discovered the eight-month old on Tuesday in a town on the border of NY and Pennsylvania.

"I can tell you she was with a friend of hers some distance from where the child had been left", said Chemung County District Attorney Weeden Wetmore. One of the women ripped open the plastic bag and saw that the baby girl had waste all over her, but was still alive.

"Her legs were just dangling in the bag", Kayla Seals added. But the law covers only newborns up to 30 days old. Neighbors I spoke to say they found her in the back of the house in the brush. She was charged with attempted murder and is being held in jail.

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