Suspected Second World War-era bomb dug up near Fukushima nuke plant

'Unexploded WWII bomb' found at Fukushima disaster site

A worker found the suspected bomb Thursday morning when digging up the ground in a vehicle park about 1 kilometer from damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, operator Tokyo Electric Power said.

TEPCO immediately suspended construction work and roped off the area around 0.62 miles from the reactors, he added.

That plant is in the midst of a decades-long decommissioning process in the wake of a nuclear accident triggered by a 2011 natural disaster and tsunami.

Although the war ceased more than 70 years ago in 1945, undetonated bombs and shells from the U.S. are still found in Japan occasionally, especially on Okinawa, where a particularly intense battle took place in the closing months of the war.

The incident at the Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) site was the world's most serious nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986.

TEPCO added that the bomb would not affect the ongoing operations at the plant.

Due to the meltdown, around tens of thousands of residents had to evacuate the area.

Workers in Fukushima, Japan, have stumbled upon what appears to be an undetonated World War II bomb. All three executives have plead not guilty.

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