State department says Trump on 'same page' as U.S. officials

Even as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to put a more diplomatic spin on those remarks, Trump reinforced his stance Wednesday in a typical early-morning round of tweets.

Far from reassuring everyone the world isn't hurtling towards nuclear destruction, the interview with President Trump's Deputy Assistant instead instilled a foreboding sense of doom amongst listeners.

That's very different from what Tillerson said. "Two nuclear tests that took place past year", she said.

"He's a Cabinet secretary", Nauert said, noting she had not yet heard or read Gorka's remarks herself.

Adversaries need to clearly understand warnings and boundaries, while allies need to feel reassured, "because otherwise deterrence could fail, and that leads to instability", Denmark said.

The United States operates two radar systems in Japan and one in Korea, which along with satellite surveillance would pick up any North Korean launch quickly, Karako said, and would transmit that data to Guam which also houses the advanced radar.

Tillerson seemed to scale back that red line Wednesday.

The United States is on the same page. The next time this comes up at a press conference by an administration official, it might be worth asking that person to define strategic patience and how Trump's own policy differs.

But it doesn't always sound that way and the dissonant signals have been on clear public display. "That is not a concern we have today with Iran because Iran's nuclear program is in a box", said Sullivan. "Those are alarming actions, they're provocative actions on the part of North Korea".

But North Korea is not rational. The day before, however, Tillerson had told reporters that Americans shouldn't worry too much about Trump's threats to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea. And they're going to continue to do things we don't like. "China could easily solve this problem!" And despite the rhetorical fire and fury unleashed by the president Tuesday, more level-headed officials like Tillerson are indicating that the US policy on North Korea hasn't changed.

Trump has criticized North Atlantic Treaty Organisation while Tillerson and others reaffirmed U.S. support for the alliance.

"We don't talk about that".

Wednesday, Tillerson stressed ongoing diplomatic efforts with North Korea, alluding to Chinese and Russian efforts to talk to North Korea.

Reed said North Korea is isolated and will "face further actions from the worldwide community for their destabilizing actions".

Haley's office said the sanctions will slash North Korea's annual export revenue of $3 billion by more than a third.

"I think, in fact, the pressure is starting to show", he said.

"I think the market right now is concentrating on [oil] fundamentals, which are bullish", Fletcher told Hart Energy via email.

"The new piece to this puzzle is not a North Korea".

And Tillerson offered a thought on the dangers of making public threats.

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