Protect your eyes from damage when viewing the solar eclipse

On Monday, August 21, a solar eclipse will race across the USA, from OR to SC in a fleeting 90 minutes.

In Philly, the solar eclipse kicks off around 1:20 p.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Whether you live in or near the path of totality, thousands of events celebrating the rare occurrence will be taking place across the United States. Eleven states get to experience a total solar eclipse.

The last total solar eclipse to pass over the continental US was in 1979.

A total solar eclipse means brighter stars and planets can be seen - that is, if the weather cooperates.

When they do cross each other, there's also an unbelievable coincidence that allows a total solar eclipse to occur.

Viewers should use eclipse safety glasses, which are fairly cheap or free, and be sure they include a certified ISO marking found on the inside of the glasses.

How does a solar eclipse occur? . Want to stay around here for the partial eclipse? Flights to cities in the eclipse's "path of totality", the geographic regions where the moon will completely cover the sun for a few minutes, are soaring.

It will last about three hours right during the time that many schools dismiss for the day. "Even though the moon will block most of its light, the sun won't be safe to look at during the partial eclipse". In this method you are not looking at the Sun directly but rather projecting an image of it on the ground.

Boyle said that outside the planetarium during the eclipse, the facility will invite the public to view the astral proceedings through special solar-filtered telescopes.

Where are you buying your eclipse glasses?

In less than two weeks, on August 21, the sun will disappear across America.

This event is being called "The Great American Eclipse", as it will pass across the center of the continental U.S.

"Even the darkest sunglasses you could buy in the drugstore are not adequate", said Dr. Joseph Sassani, ophthalmologist at Penn State Health.

Totality begins in OR at 10:16 a.m. PT.

"It's easy to understand the motion of the moon, earth and sun", Schmude said.

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