PJ Fleck surprises Minnesota kicker with scholarship shot from T-shirt cannon

A backup football kicker who's never played in a game gets a full scholarship

When the kicker opened the shirt, it read "Justin, congrats on earning a scholarship!"

A fan of the program, who is also a patient at University of Minnesota Children's Hospital, was brought in to break the news to Justin. Fleck then directed Kyle to use a T-shirt cannon to deliver more than an article of clothing to his favorite player. "It was a surreal moment, it was so awesome".

During a team meeting, Coach P.J. Fleck was flanked by a special guest, Kyle. "He could easily not do it, and nobody would say anything".

Juenemann is a walk-on to the team. "Someone like [Justin] has every reason to stay on the sidelines, but he doesn't".

This became a viral moment to the point alums are congratulating Juenemann, who has yet to play in a college game.

Juenemann is a fifth-year senior. "All of the emotions running through me at the time and the fact that Coach Fleck and Kyle went through that effort to create a special moment is fantastic". Eric Decker praised the ex-walk-on.

You really do have to see it to believe it.

If Juenemann does see the field this fall, he'll do so as scholarship athlete.

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