Not guilty plea for suspect in Missouri officer's death

New Charges Filed in Fatal Shooting of Police Officer. Charged is William Grant Noble of Clinton

According to court documents, the man accused of hiding the suspected murder weapon involved in a police shooting lied to police about how the alleged shooter got the weapon.

Ian McCarthy, 39, has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Clinton police officer Gary Michael.

William Noble, 35, has been charged with tampering with evidence in felony prosecution.

According to the probable cause statement, Noble was interviewed by police on August 10.

They say he agreed to show them the firearms he possessed. Police say he started acting suspicious when he saw the safe was damaged.

Noble will appear in court again in September. He eventually changed his story and acknowledged that McCarthy asked him to buy the rifle for him.

Noble initially told two officers who visited his home on Thursday that he bought the rifle and sold it to McCarthy.

Noble said he couldn't tell them where the gun was, but he could tell them where he threw it. As police were leaving, they say they asked Noble if he knew where the weapon was now located.

"Noble stared at me for about a minute, blankly looking straight through me", the trooper wrote. The detectives asked against and Noble allegedly said he did know where the gun was.

He then told them that he had been out Sunday night, but when he came home about 2 a.m. Monday he found the rifle inside the doorway. No gun was recovered from either the scene of the shooting or the crash, which leads the police to assume that the driver is armed, according to Lowe. He said he told his wife he needed to take out the trash and instead drove to a creek about two miles north of Clinton, where he threw it into the water. They say it matched the description of the rifle used and appeared to be the weapon used in the murder.

He also was wanted at the time of his arrest on a warrant out of Johnson County, Missouri, issued in 2015 for unlawful possession of a firearm.

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