Nintendo Is Being Sued Over It's Switch Controllers

Nintendo Is Getting Sued over the Switch's Design, Apparently

Gamevice, a company that makes video game controllers for smartphones and tablets, is now suing Nintendo for infringement. Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers also appear similar to Gamevice's peripherals that users can attach to an Android/iOS smartphone or tablet to play games.

In 2015, Gamevice released a device of the same name-a game controller created to work with both Apple and Samsung devices which includes a collection of traditional gaming controls, allowing gamers to play on their smartphones and tablet devices.

The lawsuit comes from accessory maker Gamevice, which alleges that a number of Switch design concepts mimic that of its own Wikipad. Fortune reported the company is now known as Gamevice and is asking for damages and for Nintendo to halt related sales.

But Gamevice claims that the Switch is too similar to its Wikipad controller. The Switch could've earned much more but Nintendo undermined the potential of its product. It filed the lawsuit on August 9th. For starters, Nintendo's controllers feature a bunch of other tech, and can be used individually or as a pair when detached from the main console. The Wikipad uses the external portable controllers called Joy-Con controllers.

A Nintendo Wii U early concept. While there are other gaming tablets such as the NVIDIA Shield, they claim that the removable nature of the Joycon controllers is too close to patents they hold. The Switch is mobile and works with televisions, but Nintendo has been quite adamant that it is a home console first and a mobile device second.

We'll keep an eye on the situation to see if either company issues a statement, but for now we're quite confident in saying it's unlikely that Nintendo's fantastic hybrid console will be pulled from sale any time soon. Nintendo lost the battle in 2013, and was required to pay Tomita $30.2 million in damages.

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