New regulations would allow for more medical marijuana products

New regulations would allow for more medical marijuana products

New measures from the New York Department of Health could change how medical marijuana is regulated in the state.

Other proposed changes include allowing more advertising by medical marijuana producers and streamlining manufacturing requirements, as well as modifications to security and laboratory requirements.

NY has one of the nation's more conservative medical cannabis programs, and smokeable marijuana still isn't allowed. That number increased by 10,744, or 72 percent, since March when the Department of Health added chronic pain as an eligible condition, according to Zucker.

The NYS Department of Health says the policy changes should make access to medical marijuana easier. "Different patients benefit from different types of products, and we are glad that the new rules will allow a wider variety of choices".

The state Health Department announced the products will be available in chewable tablets, lozenges and lotions. Certain non-smokable forms of ground plant material will also be allowed. Currently, patients have to use an inhaler, a vaporizer or ingest capsules.

The state also intends to create a shorter two-hour course for medical practitioners interested in the program, in addition to the current four-hour course.

In addition, the proposed regulations also make a number of changes to help enhance the medical marijuana program.

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