Iran's Foreign Minister: Trump Trying to 'kill' Nuclear Deal

Islamic State has Threatened Iran with more Terror Attacks in Tehran

Trump "always wanted to kill" the deal, Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on August 10, adding, "To avoid isolation, he's trying to blame it on Iran".

President Donald Trump claimed Thursday that Iran is not in compliance with an historic nuclear accord between the Islamic Republic and world powers. Bad faith on top of USA violating the letter & spirit'.

"I don't think Iran is in compliance", Trump said. "I don't think they're living up to the spirit of the agreement".

The New York Times reported that Trump agreed to certify Iranian compliance only after long debate with Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other top security advisors who urged him not to quit the nuclear agreement.

Mr. Trump has never, to this point, questioned the document, considered as one of the main successes of his predecessor, Barack Obama, that he had promised during his campaign to "tear it up".

Under the terms of the agreement, nuclear-related sanctions on Iran were lifted in exchange for assurances that Tehran's nuclear program would remain peaceful.

On July 29, the US Senate approved a bill on new non-nuclear sanctions against Iran over the country's missile program and human rights violations.

Despite the fact that many sanction-related economic obstacles have been removed, U.S. lack of disloyalty in implementation of JCPOA which is the result of United States government addiction to illegal policies of imposing sanctions signal the message that USA is not a trustable partner, he said.

Trump also said he was "very close" to revealing his keenly awaited decision on the number of U.S. troops he plans to keep in Afghanistan.

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