Uber launches in-app messaging for riders and drivers

Uber launches in-app messaging for riders and drivers

Uber has made a decision to simplify the pickup experience for riders and drivers so it has added a much-needed feature to its app. Uber already uses an anonymizing technology to mask your phone number (and your driver's) when you call or text outside the app, so it shows up as a random number.

Pulling up the card with the driver's details will now offer the option to contact them, tapping on which will open up a message thread.

Messages will be read aloud to the driver, who can acknowledge the message via a tap.

Uber says the new chat feature will be rolling out from today, to both drivers and riders. That's the reason why the Uber app's chat feature supports delivered/read statuses - something that's not widely supported with SMS messages. They can simply get in touch if need be using the built-in messaging functionality inside the Uber app.

Again, it's a nice upgrade, but it wasn't the most burdensome problem with the app in the first place, considering in many instances you can just walk out when you see your driver on the app without needing to call or text at all. Sending this thumbs up requires just one tap, so the driver "can stay focused on the road", Lermitte wrote. Both the driver and the rider will receive receipts of their transaction as well. "That's especially true in some of our key markets like Brazil and India". They may then type whatever they want to say and the message will be delivered to the driver.

Communicating with your Uber driver is about to get a little less confusing.

Riders can clarify the pickup location or provide any other pertinent information.

This function should help save both drivers and passengers valuable time. Also, the team has definitely considered VoIP audio calls as another potential candidate for in-app inclusion, and will continue to explore that.

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