Truck crash covers Arkansas highway in hundreds of pizzas

Frozen Pizzas Truck Wreck

Drivers in Arkansas got an unexpected food delivery on Wednesday, after a truck carrying hundreds of frozen pizzas spilled its cargo onto the road.

Associated Press reported that agency spokesman Danny Straessle said that nobody was hurt, and the bridge only suffered cosmetic damage, although "there were some people shaken up".

In the US state of Arkansas in a traffic accident on the highway was scattered with boxes of frozen pizzas.

Tractors were called in to scoop up the pizzas and load them into dump trucks, while others outfitted with vacuums and mechanical brooms cleaned up the cheese, pepperoni, and sauce smearing the pavement.

All lanes of traffic were reopened by 5:30 p.m., more than four hours after the crash.

The Highway Department took the pizzas to its headquarters at 10324 Interstate 30, just north of where the crash occurred, according to Straessle.

The 1 p.m. spill tied up traffic in both directions for miles, reports The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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