Thomas Martens, Molly Martens Corbett Found Guilty In Jason Corbett Trial

Corbett murder trial co-defendant Molly Corbett arrives at the Davidson County Courthouse on Monday morning

Molly and Tom Martens are beginning jail terms of 20 to 25 years in jail, following their conviction in North Carolina yesterday for second degree murder.

The Corbetts' home in Lexington, North Carolina. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, George. The father and daughter immediately taken into custody.

Thomas Martens, 67, and Molly Corbett, 33, were convicted of second-degree murder on Wednesday in the death of 39-year-old Jason Corbett, who was found naked on the floor of his bedroom with his head bashed in on August 2, 2015, according to multiple reports. The jury taking less than a day for deliberations.

The guilty verdict was unanimous.

JASON Corbett's twin brother has opened up about the horrific evidence he saw in court, saying: "They didn't just kill him, they slaughtered him".

"I don't have that from him anymore", he said. We believe justice has been done.

She first met Mr Corbett in 2008 after travelling to his native Ireland to work as an au pair for his two children after his first wife died in 2006 from an asthma attack.

Jason Corbett was found at his home in North Carolina on August 2, 2015 after he sustained fatal head injuries.

Her father had also soured on his son-in-law and a co-worker testified at trial that the ex-FBI agent had admitted, "That son-in-law, I hate him", the paper reported.

The burden of proof is on the state to show this wasn't an act of self-defense.

He told a 911 operator that night that he hit Mr Corbett "in the head with a baseball bat", and that he heard him say: "I'm going to kill her".

The defense insisted that it was an act of self-defense - that Jason was an abusive, risky man who allegedly attacked Molly the night of the murder, and Tom killed him with a baseball bat to protect his daughter.

A former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and his daughter today were found guilty of killing the daughter's husband. But prosecutors pointed to the crime scene seen in these photos obtained by ABC news. The weapons, a baseball bat and a brick. One of them used a brick - a brick that had been on her nightstand. When we found those details it was so unbelievable. The brick had been on Molly Corbett's nightstand, and numerous jurors wondered why it was in the bedroom, he said.

Defense attorneys portrayed Jason Corbett as out-of-control, noting that he had been diagnosed with depression and told a health-care worker that he was stressed and getting angry for no reason two weeks before he died. Once you hit a certain point and you do not stop, self-defense goes off the table.

Prosecutors said Molly Corbett did not appear to have suffered any injuries to indicate she had been assaulted.

"I miss Jason so much".

Molly Corbett (left) and her father, former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Thomas Martens (right) were found guilty Wednesday of murdering her husband in 2015. She referred to her husband choking her and said it had happened many times before. "The difference is that my father was there". George. Okay, Linzie, thanks.

"We tried desperately to ring back". The jury moved pretty quickly.

"She just seemed a bit to false to me to be honest". He's the one who is swinging the bat.

"Aug. 2 will be imprinted in our minds for all the wrong reasons", she said. It took the jury less than two days to decide on a verdict.

The father and daughter had denied the charges against them citing self-defence, but the jury rejected their claims and sentenced them to a combined minimum of 40 years in prison. He said the two jurors reversed their vote willingly "after having a night to sleep on it". Right, it was his testimony and there was a hair. The photographic evidence that people won't see. Those were the critical issues in the case.

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