Senate condemns attack on anti-Buhari protesters

Charly Boy slumps as police dogs attack anti-Buhari protesters

"It is pertinent to state here that the FCT Police command is fully aware and recognizes the constitutional rights of every citizen including Our Mumu Dondo group to assemble and move freely in any part of the Federal Capital Territory, but the command will not allow any protest under any guise to turn violent and jeopardise the prevailing peace, law and order now being enjoyed in the FCT".

He said, "The decisions we take today will affect this country".

The ailing president has spent the last 95 days in London for medical treatment, but Nigerians have received no briefings on the nature and scope of their absent leader's sickness.

"Resume or resign, Nigerians say enough is enough", one said, with others stating: "If president Buhari can not return to Nigeria after 90 days, then he should resign and go home", and "Buhari, where are you?"

Oputa condemned the reaction of the police on Tuesday, recounting how protesters were attacked by anti-riot policemen with tear gas and water cannons.

The FCT Police Command said it intervened to prevent breakdown of law and order, and disturbance of public peace by dispersing miscreants, hoodlums and other criminal elements that had infiltrated the protest by the group.

- Urge Police to adopt more democratic measures.

The rights of the people should not be violated by the police employed to protect these rights.

In a bid to reduce tensions and calm Nigerians over the Police brutalisation of protesters demanding the resumption or resignation of President Buhari in Abuja, the Senate has released a statement through the Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs Sen.

The Senate has said that the president will not resign as his absence is still within constitutional rights.

The youths from the 19 northern states and Abuja also came down hard on some officials of the presidency whom they accused of not being loyal to the Buhari's presidency.

"Let it be known that we are not unmindful of what is happening in Nigeria".

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