Pokémon GO legendary Raid Battle "bug"

Pokémon GO legendary Raid Battle

In some legendary Pokemon Go fights, Zapdos will make an appearance and you'll have a chance at catching it. If you're down to your last Premier Ball, the Raid Boss will always break free from it, meaning there's no way you'll be able to catch the legendary bird you've been searching for.

Niantic also revealed that the Gym Control bonus isn't now working as intended during the Raid Boss encounter, which may cause players to receive fewer Premier Balls than they should. That is your notification that a raid battle is incoming. Raid battles, especially ones versus legendary Pokemon, can be extremely hard so gather some friends or nearby people if needed to help you out.

The latest one of the bunch is Zapdos, a lightning bird from the original 151 Pokemon that is among the most beloved and coveted creatures out there. If you don't have ground, Ice is a decent alternative as that is also super effective versus Flying type Pokemon, but lacks the resistance that Rock has to Electric attacks so keep that in mind. Naturally, this is a frustrating situation considering how many resources it takes for a team of Pokemon GO players to complete a Raid.

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