Partial lunar eclipse occurred Monday, August 7

Lots of people! Everyone in the contiguous United States, in fact, everyone in North America plus parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will see at least a partial solar eclipse, while the thin path of totality will pass through portions of 14 states. Get to know the basics of an eclipse before the big event. The phenomenal eclipse is scheduled to unfold on August 21.

If you missed the eclipse (and most of us did, it was all finished up 5:18 am time), then you'll have to wait until the next total eclipse takes place on January 31, 2018.

There, users can hone in on the precise time the eclipse begins, discover when solar coverage will be at its peak and find out when the eclipse ends. Because the sun will not be completely blocked, you must use "eclipse glasses" or other devices specifically made for solar viewing in order to safely view the partial eclipse, or risk permanent loss of vision.

Brits may also witness the partial eclipse - but only 4 per cent of the sun will be covered by the moon.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature's most awe-inspiring sights - a total solar eclipse. "It changes, but slowly, and in two minutes you can't really see changes that we want to study in the solar wind", he adds.

"Normally the atmosphere experiences change with night and day", she says, "but the eclipse coming across the country, in a dark shadow at an average of about 1,500 miles per hour, is going to set up waves in the atmosphere". Totality will end at 10:21 a.m.; the eclipse will end at 11:41 a.m. A lucky stretch of land along the Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky borders will see two total eclipses in just seven years. But recently the American Astronomical Society issued a warning indicating such a label is no longer adequate to verify glasses' safety, citing "alarming reports of potentially unsafe eclipse viewers flooding the market".

"Looking at the sun will damage your eyes and could cause you to go blind", said Barraclough. Put a second piece of white card stock on the ground and hold the piece with the foil above it, allowing the sun to project through the hole onto the card on the ground.

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