Braces Wire Swallowed A Decade Earlier Causes Woman's Stomach Pain

The surgeon removed the metal wire from braces the woman had 10 years ago

The 30-year-old woman arrived at the emergency department of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital suffering from severe cramping and stomach pain, Dr. Talia Shepherd, one of the physicians involved in the surgery, reported in a study published Monday in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports.

But then the woman came back two days later, once again complaining of intense discomfort in her abdomen. According to the patient, in her youth, she had braces but pulled them off ten years ago and remembers that she swallowed or lost such a big piece of wire.

The doctors did a CT scan on the woman and discovered that some object had punctured her small intestine in several places.

At first they thought it was a fish bone...and it had pierced her intestine in multiple areas, causing a condition that required immediate surgery.

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Surgeons discovered a seven-centimeter piece of wire had perforated her bowl.

"But when we went to ask the patient if she remembered swallowing anything, she had no recollection", Shepherd said.

She pointed out that the case was a rare occurrence. Dr. Shepherd says that "the chances of swallowing a wire from your braces is very low". "There might be a higher chance if you're sedated and undergo a dental procedure".

Gastroenterologist Dr. Pat Raymond said that it was odd that the patient didn't remember swallowing the wire.

"The case is so unique because normally if you swallow something like that it presents (itself) earlier", Shepherd said.

The people of Twitter who had a history with braces were just as frightened about this story as we were and couldn't believe what had happened.

Ageely said she initially thought it was a pin or a hair accessory because an X-ray of the child's body from the side showed a thin object in his esophagus.

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