Driver totals Ferrari just one hour after buying it

Wreck of Ferrari Scuderia

The police were amazed and shocked after noticing the state of the driver.

Though, the driver suffered just minor injuries, his vehicle burst into flames near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The driver survived the accident that consumed his vehicle in a "miracle escape", according to local authorities, but as pictures prove, the same can not be said for the popular race auto.

The owner of a £260,000 Ferrari has walked away with just cuts and bruises after totalling the vehicle just an hour after picking it up.

South Yorkshire Police posted Twitter photos of the smoking, wrecked auto, saying it "went airborne (and) burst into flames" beside a freeway in northern England. After arriving at the scene, officers said they saw firemen "squirting water all over some kind of sporty motor" that was "well alight".

Any Ferrari is a big purchase, but this particular model was one of 499 cars ever sold in the world.

Shocking images of the auto show the charred debris of the jet black Ferrari 430 Scuderia after it crashed off the side of a motorway and transformed into a fireball.

'Afternoon folks, were you stuck in traffic this afternoon on the M1 south around junction 37?

The officers who arrived at the scene of the accident said in their statement, they were originally unsure about the make and model of the auto due to the damage.

An unlucky Brit managed to destroy his £200,000 ($288,000) Ferrari just one hour after picking it up, telling police: "I've only just got it". Police do not think speed was a factor in the accident, and instead said that this should be treated as a teachable moment to encourage others to adjust their driving to road conditions.

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