Will Smith to play 'Genie'

Will Smith to play 'Genie'

Actors Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott have been roped in to star in the upcoming live-action "Aladdin" remake.

Shortly after the announcement was made, Jade liked a comment on Instagram which asked, "Why would they cast an Indian instead of someone who is at least of Arab heritage?" Alongside this, Scott has also begun a career in music, releasing her own EP previous year.

The role of Aladdin will be played by Egyptian-Canadian actor Mena Massoud, who stars in the new Amazon series Jack Ryan. She most recently kicked ass as the Pink Ranger in the Power Rangers film. It also confirmed that Will Smith will take on the role of Genie, which was voiced by Robin Williams in the original animated film.

He was also cast in Strange But True (Canada) which is yet to premiere. Throughout the cycle, she proved she could effortlessly move between ultra-feminine and slightly androgynous looks, mastering both lacy dresses and oversized pantsuits in equal measure. Its remake of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson as Belle, for instance, was a booming success, breaking records with a $170 million debut earlier this year and garnering $1.3 billion worldwide. Rumor has it that they are looking at very famous names for it.

Will Smith to play 'Genie'

Scott's mother Usha Scott is from Uganda and is of Gujarati Indian descent.

The Little Mix singer was beaten to the punch by Naomi Scott, after over 2,000 auditions, according to Daily Edge.

Though the actors for the main characters have been announced, Disney reportedly is still looking for actors to fill other roles, including the infamous villain Jafar, his sidekick parrot Iago and Princess Jasmine's father Sultan. Ladies and gentlemen, your new Princess Jasmine.

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